Accelerating imagination at CLEDA meeting

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - CLEDA’s quarterly meeting drew a crowd on Monday with many excited to hear from keynote speaker Clifton Taulbert.


Taulbert is an author, entrepreneur and CEO of the Freemount Corporation. Many of those in attendance were business people hoping to grow and expand their work in Central Louisiana.

Taulbert spoke about being future-focused and accelerating imagination. He said being community-focused is being nationally concerned because the nation is made of many little communities.

Bringing economic growth to Cenla starts with individuals who have a vision for their business. Taulbert said he believes the country has recently seen a revival of entrepreneurship.

"We realize that the major industries that we have celebrated for years, they had their birth in entrepreneurship,” said Taulbert. “They had become so big that we had forgotten that they had been started by individual people just like us."

Taulbert said technology is creating a reality that needs people who can think outside the box. He shared steps to becoming that type of person with the crowd on Monday.

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