A new class of freshmen are now calling Cenla college campuses home

ALEXANDRIA, La. As summer comes to an end, a new batch of freshmen are just beginning their college experience.

"I was so excited, but like today is the day and now I'm really nervous," said LSUA freshman Jesse Chesson.

Like many freshmen, Chesson is leaving the nest and trying out dorm life.

"I always lived at the house, so being three hours away is nerve-racking," Chesson said. "But, then I get to meet new people and it's like a new chapter in my life."

One of those new friendships is with her roommate Kirsten, who she just met while unpacking.

"Oh, moving in was hectic, it was crazy," said LSUA freshman Kirsten James.

James moved to Alexandria from Winnfield and said she over packed.

"I have a lot of clothes and shoes," James said. "That is my main thing."

Her mom Kelly James came to support.

"I'm excited for her to be moving on to the next phase in her life," said Kelly James. "It will be a little adjustment for mom, but that's OK."

She said move-in day brings her a lot of emotions, but knows Kirsten won't be far.

"She's close enough I can pop in anytime," James said.

Down the road, in Pineville, freshman football player Kyler Marrus also moved into Louisiana College.

"I just started packing last night," Marrus said.

LC held a free barbecue to feed their hungry new freshman.

Students came from all over the state. A few freshman even traveled oceans to get to Cenla.

Swedish soccer player Kristoffer Boerjesson flew in two days ago, looking for adventure.

"I want to try out a college year and college lifestyle, or something like that," Boerjesson said. "I'm curious to see if it's exactly like American Pie or like regular school."

However, LSUA freshman Declan Herman from Australia, just flew in Friday night.

"It's very different here," Herman said. "Everything is a lot bigger, a lot more spread out than what I'm used to."

To help international and local freshman get comfortable, there is a crew to get students settled.

"We want to be able to help them move in," said LSUA Director of University Relations Sarah Black. "Of course our student life team support is here, student support is here, other students are here, to help show them around and get them acclimated to campus."

But for now, with move-in day out of the way, Chesson is hoping for a successful semester.

"My goal is to at least like pass my first semester, because that is going to be the hardest," Chesson said.

Students at both colleges start classes on August 21.

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