Central Louisiana welcomes 32 new police officers

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Central Louisiana has 32 new police officers. The latest class of cadets graduated from the Alexandria Regional Academy on Thursday.

Source: KALB

This is the 80th graduating class that started training 14 weeks ago. The officers will go on to join 12 police departments and sheriff's offices around the area.

Among the graduates was Deputy Silas Axsom with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office.

He said he wanted to become a police officer to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. And he’s excited to be working alongside his brother.

"He is a reserve with Natchitoches and he actually talked me into trying it,” said Deputy Axsom. “And I was a reserve for a year and a half, and I loved it. I started doing it every weekend when I wasn't at my other job. And I said this is it. This is the career I'm going to do."

This is the last academy that will be 14 weeks. Starting at the next academy in July the program will be 16 weeks.

Here’s a list of all the graduates.

Alexandria Police Department:
Officer Devn Cates
Officer Shannon Constantine
Officer Alexander Helminger
Officer Lacy Lejeune

Camp Beauregard:
Specialist Dejanira Frank

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Ben Braillier, Jr.

Evergreen Police Department
Chief Ananise Robinson

Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Amy Laborde
Leesville Police Department:
Officer Charles Hendricks
Officer Clarence Raby
Officer Timothy Robinson
Officer Cory Stephens

Many Police Department:
Officer Kane Lightfoot

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Silas Axsom
Deputy Charles Dranguet

Natchitoches Police Department:
Officer ReCarrus O’Neal

Pineville Police Department:
Officer Ellis Guy
Officer James Knight
Officer Joshua Looney
Officer Devin Pruitt
Officer Holly Rodney
Officer Kevin Thomas

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Nicholas Bradford
Deputy Nicholas Brossett
Deputy Justin Burch
Deputy Anthony Conner
Deputy Cali Gross
Deputy Mark Harvey
Deputy Claude Williams, Jr.

United State Army:
Private First Class Isaac McGuire

Winnfield Police Department:
Officer Kenneth Martin
Officer Kerry Mullins

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