Current Boil Advisories

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Most Recently Lifted Advisory: The Woodside Drive boil advisory has been lifted.

Other recently lifted advisories:
Buckeye Water District: Hickory Grove Road, the intersection of L. Smith and Hickory Grove Road, Hickory Grove Loop and all side roads. (Does not include Gene Gunter and Rosier Roads.)

Village of McNary - customers east of Redmond Loop on Hester Landing Rd.

Gardner Community Water Association: Miller Road

Central Grant Water

South East Grant Water System


What to do once a boil advisory has lifted:

Run cold-water faucets for one minute
Run drinking water fountains for one minute
Flush automatic icemakers (make three batches of ice and discard)
Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle
Run water coolers with direct water connections for five minutes

There are no current advisories.

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