Grant Parish 4-H students put their shooting skills to the test on Sunday

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GRANT PARISH, La. (KALB) - It's possible you may have heard some gunshots if you were out in Grant Parish on Sunday. But it's nothing to worry about. It was just the annual 4-H skeet shooting fundraiser.

Source: KALB

According to coordinators, shooting sports gets a little expensive. So the kids enrolled in the 4-H program in Grant Parish met at Camp Grant Walker to raise money for supplies by putting their shooting skills to the test.

"This is their favorite part of the year,” said Amber Garcia, Shooting Sports coordinator. “This is where they get to show off what they learned. They can compete against their parents. They compete against other shooters. We have a couple of tournament shooters that are going to help us out and shoot with the kids. So it's a good, friendly competition."

The funds will help send the young shooters to regional, state, and national tournaments.

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