Mansura family reaches out for help after house fire

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MANSURA, La. (KALB) - On July 4th, while many people were celebrating, members of the Carmouche family were grieving the loss of their home and everything in it.

SOURCE: Jeff Dorson/HSL

The family, who's known for taking in rescue pets, lost everything in a matter of just minutes, being forced to escape through a window and leave behind not only their home and their truck, but most of their animals as well.

"My pitbull in the back she wasn't burnt. She had died from the heat and the smoke,” said wife and mother Angela Carmouche. “And it was hard to have to pick her up and then go bury her."

Now, the family is reaching out for help to rebuild their lives, but thankfully, they aren't in it alone.

Family members and friends have been by the family's side ever since the fire broke out, offering their homes and other things that the family needs most.

The Carmouches called family friend Barbara Jaunet to bring her trailer to the burning house in hopes that they could save the horse. Thanks to the help of Jaunet, the horse was able to make it out alive.

Even the Humane Society of Louisiana is offering a helping hand. Director of the HSL Jeff Dorson says the society has developed a special bond with Angela and her family over the years because their involvement in the HSL.

In order to give back to the family who has invested their time and effort into rescuing animals like dogs, horses and pigs just to name a few, the Humane Society is helping out by holding a donation drive.

"So we're asking people to donate what they can,” Dorson said. “Whether it's a monetary contribution or drop off items or contact the
Carmouche family and they'll come and pick it up."

There's a long road ahead for the Carmouche family, but with the support of the community and the comfort of their animals, they’ll get back on their feet and continue doing what they do best: saving the lives of animals.

Here’s a list of things that the Carmouche family needs, where to drop off the items, and a link to donate money:

- gas or gift cards
- dishes/utensils
- horse feed (hay/pellets)
- men's 34/30 pants, medium to large shirts
- women's 9/10 pants, medium to large shirts
**Donate at 706 Norman's Place in Mansura or call Angela Carmouche
at 318-587-0540.
**Find the link to donate money in the Related Links section of this page.

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