Marshall begins term with plans to fix healthcare, help Kansas agriculture

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Lawmakers are settling in on Capitol Hill, some for the first time. Congressman Roger Marshall (R-KS) makes his Washington debut this week, and there has been no shortage of excitement.

Congressman Marshall (R-KS) does not know exactly what the Obamacare replacement will look like, but he says there is one in the works.

"It feels kind of like a wedding, and I was the bride," said Marshall.

He says he could do without the attention. After taking the oath with his family by his side, Marshall is getting right to work.

"Many people are asking me about healthcare," said Marshall. "So I do feel like I’m going to have a voice in healthcare now."

Marshall, a physician, is set on repealing and replacing Obamacare, as many Republicans have reiterated this week. He says the the GOP is working on a replacement, but there is still no finalized plan.

"It’ll be a process, but I do think that, with our leadership, that we have good ideas what to replace it with and let free markets take over," said Marshall.

Another priority for the Congressman is getting the Big First District back on the Agriculture Committee.

"I think we’re in good shape," said Marshall. "I’m not assuming anything, but certainly we’d be honored to be on that Ag Committee."

Marshall says he is looking to be transparent, which is one reason he is happy Republicans reversed course on gutting an independent ethics committee earlier in the week.

"My people back home didn’t send me here to have less ethics and less openness," said Marshall.

He says he expects to receive his committee assignments next week.

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