Montessori Educational Center enjoys new building

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Monday was an exciting day for Montessori Educational Center students and teachers as they moved into a brand new building.


While Montessori schools were originally created for early education, the teaching style has grown to include elementary and junior high students.

“We have retained the students who would have normally gone to a public school after preschool or kindergarten,” said Joelle Flaherty, head of school at Montessori Education Center. “We found that we didn't have room for our own students."

Parents agreed to send their kids to a junior high consisting of temporary classrooms in a portable building, but they also led the charge to build on to the school. They launched a capital campaign called, “Give Today, Secure Tomorrow.”

They raised enough money for construction to start in August. Now the building is finished, but their campaign is still up and running to finish paying for the project. Students and teachers were very excited to move in.

"It's great,” said Spencer Bernard. “So much space I don't even know what to do with it all."

Monday, the junior high students were setting up their classroom. They said they are changing up the look, but want the classroom to have the same feel as their old room.

Flaherty said the rooms should be completely set up by Tuesday night, when parents will visit and tour the new building that fourth through eighth grades are enjoying.

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