Night to Shine Prom crowns every special guest

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Calvary Baptist Church hosted Night to Shine Prom, by the Tim Tebow Foundation, for people with special needs on Friday.


There were 115 guests and 350 volunteers who came together to complete Tim Tebow’s goal of making guests with special needs feel like “the king and queen that they are in God’s eyes every single day.”

The guests felt like royalty the moment they stepped out of the limo or trolley and hit the red carpet. Friends, family and other “paparazzi” cheered them on as they walked inside to get make-up done and shoes shined.

"Just watching some of the parents watch the children walk the red carpet was unbelievably special," said Sandy Patton, an event organizer.

Patton said many parents never dreamed their child would have a prom experience. Calvary didn’t hold back with this event. They provided food, professional photographs, and karaoke.

"They got a boutonniere or a corsage,” said Patton. They had makeup and hair, and they could get their shoes shined and jewelry.”

Each guest was paired up with a buddy to spend the evening with. Kirbi Cochran had a lot of fun as a buddy.

"I think she deserves every part of this night and more," said Cochran of special guest Gabrielle. "I think this is going to be really special for her and I’m glad I got to share it."

Patton admitted that Night to Shine Prom was probably more fun than her homecoming dances at school.

The evening ended by crowning prom kings and queens. Every guest received a crown and a special message from Tim Tebow. He said they should know that God loves them and thinks they are beautiful every day.

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