Peabody High is preparing students for a successful financial future

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Getting young adults invested in their financial future isn't always easy.

But at Peabody Magnet High, students have direct access to a credit union inside of their school.

Which helps students like Dana Williams build up her savings.

"Before, I just had a debit card and kept spending and spending and I wanted to save, so this savings card has helped me do that," Williams said.

Opening a savings account is simple, all students have to do is head up to the second floor and turn a corner into the Pelican State Credit Union.

Partnering with Peabody's marketing program, the union not only allows students to take care of their banking during school hours, but to work behind the counter.

The partnership has been so successful in the past that it is going on its seventh year.

"We will have tellers come in throughout the school year to help the students along with making deposits and helping them with any other goals they may have," Pelican State staff member Carmen Overton said.

She says the program is something she would have liked to have in high school.

"It would have given me the opportunity to learn how to save early on in life," Overton said. "It gives children that sense of responsibility and something to look forward to that they can save towards."

Peabody student Destiney Woodland says she can't wait to take advantage of the youth account's grade incentive.

"For every "A" you get, you get a dollar," Woodland said.

Which she said won't be hard.

"It's like easy to me, because I love money and all of that," Woodland said.

Out of the 15 students who opened accounts Tuesday, some like Clifford Lee have a big savings goal.

"A lot of people don't have homes where they can go to their parents and ask for college money," Lee said. "So, I think this is a great opportunity to save and have college funds."

But for Williams, her savings goal has four wheels.

"If my dad's watching I would like a Mustang, but you know, whatever I can afford," Williams said.

Students have access to the credit union for a few hours on every Wednesday.

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