Pineville High School student organizes benefit bass tournament for classmates in need

(KALB) - Any time the weather's nice, you can count on a fisherman to be on the water.


Fishermen like Cason Lewis. He's a senior at Pineville High School who aspires to help people for a living.

"I'm going to NSU pursue a bachelor's in nursing," Cason said. "I'll eventually move back here and work in the medical field."

He wanted to start giving back before he graduated through his senior class project.

Cason's classmates, Natalie and Nicole Hodgkinson, could use a helping hand. Both girls have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

"Their mom had a stroke...the dad is having a hard time right now, taking care of her and them," Cason said.

Cason decided to organize a benefit bass tournament for the family on Toledo Bend February 19.

"Right now, we're aiming for 100 boats. That would be $5,000 for the family, and $5,000 for the cost of the tournament."

Cason said the Hodgkinson family was astonished at the idea of a tournament in their honor. But his mentor, Larry Bryant said he wasn't surprised by Cason's actions.

"He's a good kid," Bryant said. "Good kids want to do good things. A lot of times there's not always a lot of positive aspects from a lot of our young people now."

Cason is hoping that the tournament will help the family with their medical expenses.

"I think it's just respectful to give back to other people that are in need; it's just the right thing to do," Cason said.

The tournament will start at 6 a.m. on Saturday, February 19. Go to the Related Links section of the page for information on how to sign up.

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