Pineville Police say no credible threat at Pineville High School


PINEVILLE, La. (Pineville Police Department) - On Monday, September 11, 2017, the Pineville Police Department received a report from the Pineville High School administration that a student had made a threat to “shoot up” the school.

Out of an abundance of caution, officers were stationed outside Pineville High School in the morning, and officers continue to patrol the school area.

From the time that officers received the threat, the Pineville Police Department had interviewed the alleged suspect along with several potential witnesses to the threat. They have found NO indications
that this threat was credible.

Detective and Juvenile division interviewed possible witnesses throughout the night, and began again this morning. None of these interviews have given any credibility to the accused threat.

Because the child is a juvenile, police are not authorized to release any names, or further details of this investigation.

As a reminder to the public, please do not engage in social media rumor or “my child heard….” This does nothing but further fuel a situation that has already spiraled out of control by social media.

If you or your child has FIRSTHAND knowledge or information of the threat, please contact the Pineville High School administrators or the Pineville Police Department.

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