Police show Facebook photos, videos in 'Triple M Murder Team' trial

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Testimony continued on Thursday for the trial of Antonio Boyd who multiple law enforcement agencies said was part of the "Triple M Murder Team" gang.

Source: KALB

Antonio Boyd, 32, was one of 14 people arrested. Police believe the gang was responsible for more than 50 crimes since 2010, crimes ranging from criminal racketeering to attempted first degree murder.

Boyd is charged with racketeering of $5,000 or more, attempted first degree murder, and second degree murder.

Thursday morning's witness was Cpl. David Foshee with the Alexandria Police Department. Foshee went through a lengthy series of Facebook photos that APD pulled from members of the "Triple M Murder Team," as well as videos taken from the cellphone of Tyrone Boyd, who police said was another member of the gang.

In the Facebook photos, members of the "Triple M Murder Team" were shown throwing up the letter "M," their gang symbol. They are also shown wearing all black in several of the photos.

In another photo, there is money in the shape of a "M." Police said the triple "M" stands for "money, make and marry," or according to some, "Monroe Hustlers, Marye Hustlers, and Magnolia Hustlers," where most of the members are from.

In another photo shown, Patrick Smith and two members known as "the twins" were visible. One person was throwing a sign for the Crips. Foshee pointed out that the Crips aren't a big influence in Louisiana like they are in California.

Another photo showed Tyrone Boyd, Edward Ambush and Major Charlton. And, another showed Tyrone Boyd with a belt buckle with the letters "MSH," which stands for Monroe Street Hustlers.

Other photos showed drugs and member Sheldon Franklin showing off money.

Foshee also showed the jury photos that police have taken around town of graffiti, which he said shows where gangs operate. We saw several photos of the letters "KOB," which stands for "Knock Out Boys," a juvenile group. We also saw graffiti tagged as "Nawf Side" and graffiti of the "Triple M Murder Team."

The videos taken from Tyrone Boyd's phone were of a member nicknamed "Noodles" and of gunshots. We also saw a video of the sound of police sirens approaching the group and one member shouting, "They didn't find anything but two bricks (presumably marijuana) and $1,700."

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

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