The Alexandria Zoo is ready for the cold


ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Alexandria Zoo has protocol for cold days. It's a big job to make sure the animals are comfortable despite the chilly weather.

Most of the animals at the Alexandria Zoo don't mind colder conditions. The lions and tigers are quite comfortable. However others, like the bears, tend to hide from the chill in their caves.

Exhibits are designed to make animals feel at home in a fairly wide range of temperatures, and the only animal that had to make a move Friday was the sloth, who finds it more comfortable in the animal clinic.

Zoo keepers are extra careful to make sure heaters are working well and animals have plenty of hay.

"We do have a protocol where the keepers will do all their routine like they're supposed to do, where they have to lock somebody in or not, and then we have a second set of keepers that have to go around behind them and double check," Said Lisa Laskoski, general curator of the zoo. "Sometimes there's even a triple check."

There was extra work, but zoo keepers didn't seem to mind.

"With the entire staff this is personal because we have invested our lives in taking care of these animals," said Zoo Director Lee Ann Whitt. "We want them to have the very best."

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