Thieves target church, steal chalices

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WELLINGTON, Kan. (KWCH) -- Who would steal three chalices from a church?

That's the question police in Wellington, Kansas are asking after three chalices disappeared from St. Anthony's Catholic Church.

Wellington is a like a lot of small towns in that nearly everybody knows each other. That's why people in town are confused, wondering who stole from the church in town, and why.

"That certainly is what we're trying to figure out," Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath says.

Heath says, based on where the chalices were kept, someone had to force their way in to get them.

"They're very important. And these particular items had been at the church for quite some time," Heath says.

The chief says the natural theory is that someone took the chalices to resell them. That's why the Wellington Police Department is asking people to be on the lookout.

"We are a small community and we hope someone has seen these items," Heath says. "And we're hoping that someone will at least pick up the phone and call us."

Heath does not know how much the chalices are worth, but he says this case is about principle.

Heath says the church has changed its locks since the theft and is considering adding video surveillance.

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