Training begins on Monday for Alexandria Regional Police Academy

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - School started on Monday at the Alexandria Regional Police Academy for a new class of cadets. These men and women will spend the next few months training to go from cadets to POST certified officers.

(Source: KALB)

42 cadets from multiple departments and sheriff's offices are attending this year, making it the largest class the academy has ever seen.

It's a 14 week program that trains cadets both physically and mentally for a career in law enforcement. When cadets graduate they become POST certified by the State of Louisiana.

Lt. Bruce Fairbanks, the academy director said training involves a bit of everything.

"How to shine their shoes, to domestic disputes,” explained Lt. Fairbanks. “Traffic stops, and how to address the public. How to make any situation they are invited into a better situation when they leave."

Lt. Fairbanks also said this is the last academy that will be 14 weeks. Starting in August they will be 16 weeks.

"It adds more hours to certain fields that are necessary, like firearms or report rioting or traffic stops,” explained Lt. Fairbanks. “Those hours will be extended."

Graduation will be held in May.

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