Jobless rate rises, but job market is still considered healthy

Looking for an airline job? Try Delta Airlines

Employment situation still okay for job hunters

More homebuyers are closing the deal as mortgage rates climb

EPA vs Trump over fuel-economy standards

After nine weeks of increases, long-term US mortgage rates fell this week.

Trump pressures Toyota to scrap plans for an assembly plant in Mexico

2017 is starting off poorly for Macy's

Demand is slowing, but U.S. consumers still bought a whole lot of cars and trucks in 2016.

A Hyundai subsidiary is moving into the former General Motors plant in Shreveport.

Hundreds of Toyota jobs are moving south to Texas

Fewer jobless claims suggest a stronger job market

Thinking about retiring to a place overseas?

Fewer jobs now, but hiring outlook looks fairly bright

Americans are getting their spending under control, possibly

Mortgage rates hit their highest mark so far this year

Feeling confident? The numbers say you should!

State's bathroom law is affecting the furniture industry

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