UN agency: CO2 concentrations grew at record rate in 2016

Deal approved to bring VW diesel vehicles in line with environmental rules

California spanks VW again in emissions scandal

Livin' in a plastic world

President Trump encouraged to dump Paris climate accord

Fiat Chrysler hit with government lawsuit

Scientists: Extra pollution is killing thousands

Climate change skeptics need protection

Millions in penalties for fatal offshore platform fire

Republicans plan to repeal some of Obama's coal regulations

Feds: Natural gas leaking from pipeline in Gulf of Mexico

Fiat Chrysler being investigated for excess vehicle pollution

TCEQ working with Corpus Christi on water issue

Is fracking endangering drinking water supplies?

A second worker injured in the Oct. 31 pipeline explosion in Alabama has died

Carnival Cruise Line fined for illegal ocean pollution

Kerry: "Overwhelming majority" in US back Paris climate deal

Oklahoma continues to shake, rattle and roll

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