US warns of risk of missiles from Yemen hitting Saudi Arabia

US slaps new sanctions on NKorean, Chinese firms

US says airstrike killed dozens of extremists in Somalia

UPDATE: UN chief urges calm in Zimbabwe after Mugabe

US targets Taliban drug labs under new Afghan strategy

Camera operator dies in Ghana on set of Netflix drama

US hits Iran firms with sanctions for counterfeit Yemen cash

Zimbabwe ruling party looks toward impeachment

UPDATE: Zimbabwe ruling party pursues urgent meeting

Cut ties with Cambodian gov't, says exiled opposition leader

Trump presses for UN vote on chemical weapons in Syria

UN chief welcomes efforts on Zimbabwe crisis

UN chief calls for calm, restraint in Zimbabwe

Congress urged to tighten rules on Chinese state media in US

S. Korea to deport Louisiana man for trying to cross to North Korea

Mexico steps up patrols after threats close 100 schools

Russia and US at odds over keeping Syria chemical experts

Key UN committee condemns North Korea for not aiding people

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