Trump’s pick for Agriculture Secretary finds support from farmers and lawmakers

House Republicans preview health care vote

GOP healthcare bill in jeopardy as dozens of Republican lawmakers come out against it

Congressman Hurd reacts to federal judge decision in racial gerrymandering case

Senator Tillis discusses Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearing

Trump promises executive action on coal mining

GOP, Dems take different tone in opening day of Gorsuch hearing

Art advocates take aim at Washington, fight for NEA, NEH funding

Sen. Grassley on Judge Gorsuch: 'He calls the shots the way they are'

Excluded judge candidate lands court date

Hawaii Congresswoman reacts to President Trump's proposed budget

Coast Guard Funding Up in the Air

Kentucky Congressman introduces bill to abolish the Department of Education

Corn farmers, lawmakers worry about Trump’s potential ‘trade war’ with Mexico

Schatz, Sanders target big moneymaking companies in their new bill

Sen. Thune proposes new farm bill conservation program

Snow impacts Capitol Hill

Protesters gather in DC to march against Dakota Access Pipeline

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