Jupiter's moon count reaches 79, including tiny 'oddball'

Report: NASA needs backup plan as US crew launches slip

NASA's Kepler Telescope almost out of fuel, forced to nap

Mars rover still silent as red planet dust storm goes global

White House aims to reduce satellite clutter in space

NASA's record-breaking spacewoman retires as astronaut

Rescued seahorse released into the wild in Florida

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people

Spacewalking astronauts set up TVs for arriving ships

New Mars discoveries advance case for possible life

The heat is back on high: May smashes US temperature records

Unhurried hurricanes: Study says tropical cyclones slowing

Dunes on Pluto made of tiny frozen grains of methane

Studies of space, hearing and DNA attract $1 million awards

Trump aims to make it easier for companies to get to space

Humans account for very little next to plants, worms, bugs

NASA shipper Orbital ATK launches space station supplies

Video shows bizarre world on the ocean floor

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