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When to consider a hospice referral

Guideline for Clinical Decline and Hospice Eligibility:

  • Recurrent infections
  • Frequent visits to the ER, doctor and/or hospitalization
  • Progressive unexplained weight loss
  • Dysphagia and/or aspiration
  • Inability to ambulate and needs assistance with daily activities
  • Incontinence
  • Development of stage 3-4 pressure ulcers
  • Decline in cognitive abilities
  • Severe edema or effusions (pleural orpericardial)
  • Disabling dyspnea at rest resulting in decreased functional capacity
  • Dehydration or hypovolemiaLab data: refer to disease-specific indicators
  • Need continuous oxygen
Services Hospice Home Health
Durable Medical Equipment 100% Coverage 80% Coverage
Home Services All Patients Qualify Must Be Homebound
Medication Cost Related to Primary Illness Covered Not Covered
Chaplain Services Covered Not Covered
Bereavement Counseling Covered Not Covered
Dietary Counseling Covered Not Covered
Volunteer Services (Including Transportation) Included Not Included
Services to Nursing Facility Resident Covered Not Covered
Physician Liability for Fraud (Regulatory Responsibility) Hospice Care Team Responsible for Plan of Care Physician Individually and Totally Responsible for All Orders
24 Hour Continous Care for Period of Crisis Available Not Available
Supplies Hospice Home Health
Diapers, Pull-Ups, Wipes, Bed Pads Covered Not Covered
Lotions, Wound Care Products Covered Some Covered
Dietary Supplements (Boost, Ensure, etc.) Covered Not Covered
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