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Tonight the eighth and final candle gets lit on the menorah in Jewish homes throughout the world. Here in Alexandria, it's the first time in more than twenty two years that someone other than Rabbi Arnold Task will light it, following his retirement earlier last month. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane introduces us to this new spiritual leader.

"I found myself here as of four weeks ago and I'm very excited and happy to be in Alexandria," said Rabbi Jonathan Cohen.

Rabbi Cohen was born in North Carolina, and he left his job in banking and finance to help his congregation at Alexandria's Jewish temple reach their full potential.

"When I was in my mid twenties I had this desire, this itch if you will to attend rabbinical school and become a rabbi," said Rabbi Jonathan Cohen.

As a student, Cohen learned how to speak and read Hebrew, the language of the Torah, and these 500 year old scrolls at the temple are one of the oldest in Louisiana. The eight day Hanukkah celebration is one of the most popular traditions in Judaism. It originated because of an event the Jews say is a miracle.

"There was only enough oil for the menorah to burn for one night but it miraculously burned for eight nights which is why we celebrate eight night of Hanukkah," said Jonathan Cohen

The menorah is also used to remind them of the importance of helping others during this holiday season and beyond.

"This really is a time for Jews around the world to dedicate ourselves to helping the poor one of the tradition to Hanukkah, is to give sedaka or charity to the poor and instill these values within our children,' said Jonathan Cohen.

The eighth light on the menorah will be lit tonight at sun down at the Alexandria Jewish temple, located at 2021 Turner Street.



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