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Meet the Candidates for Ferriday Mayor

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The Town of Ferriday in Concordia Parish is preparing to elect a new mayor. Four candidates are campaigning for the top spot.

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford headed to Ferriday to meet the candidates to ask them everything from why they want to run to what they think are the biggest problems facing the town.

The Town of Ferriday will take to the polls to elect a new mayor on March 24. Four candidates are vying for the spot.

"I want to run for mayor because I have a great concern for the separation for our city," said Gene Allen.

"I believe I have a good relationship with all the town employees and all the folks who have lived here," said Joe Santoyo.

"I've lived in Ferriday all my life and I'm concerned about Ferriday," said Justin Conner, Sr.

"I know the concerns and the problems that many citizens have," said Johnnie Brown.

Knowing the concerns and problems that citizens have will be important for these candidates, as the town has been confronted with major issues in the past few months.

"One of our biggest problems, so it has been said, is the infestation of drugs in our streets," said Conner. "But, I want to say that regardless, I think with our Louisiana Technical College going in line and trying to combat the drop out rate in our schools, that if we can just get our kids from the corner and the alleyways to the educational plot...just to give them hope that they can go an get a job until we can bring some to Ferriday."

"Many of the citizens are very much aware of the fact that we have had some problems, there are concerns," said Brown. "The drug situation is not that prevalent that it's an eyesore to the community. The problem is as a result of many people not being able to address economic development."

"Our water is a problem and we were supposed to have it fixed. We just spent about $2 million dollars on the tank and on some parts of the water," said Allen. "We've got another $6 million dollars from the USDA that we're about to spend to get the water completed and get the meters and all completed."

"Every town has drug problems," said Santoyo. "Litter problems. Drainage problems. I'm going to have everybody on standby and we're going to work on every little issue."

If elected these candidates will have the opportunity to work on those issues when they take office on July 1.

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