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Motorcycle Safety

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When the weather warms up, more bikers are out riding their motorcycles and enjoying the outdoors, which means drivers behind the wheel and on the bike need to be safe. Josh Redman and his family share their story, with News Channel 5's Natalie North, in hopes that everyone on the road will put safety first.

Josh and Carla Redman have been married for more than a year now. And although the Alexandria couple are considered newlyweds, the "sickness and health" portion of their vows has been put to the test. This past February, Josh was involved in a serious accident while riding his motorcycle on Jackson Street.

"He was switching lanes and the van was on the other side going to turn and he turned in front of Josh."–Carla Redman

The wreck left Josh with 3 broken bones and a 6 week hospital stay. His 6th surgery took place this past Tuesday. While Josh is slowly on the road to recovery, his wife Carla is happy he's alive.

"You have to watch out for motorcycles, the guy said he never saw Josh." –Carla Redman


 "Since it has turned warm the riders have tripled." –Carl Stafford, Renegade HD

That means both drivers and motorcyclists need to be on high alert around each other – to avoid a crash like the one Josh experienced.

"You have to use your rider radar and keep aware, always have to believe that the individual is not going to stop." –Carl Stafford, Renegade HD

According to the experts at Renegade Harley-Davidson, one of the most important safety tips they gave us is wearing a helmet.

"You need a helmet. In Louisiana we do its part of the law. I'm a firm believer in it. A DOT helmet can definitely save one's life." –Carl Stafford, Renegade HD

Josh is still healing from that terrible wreck. But with his wife Carla, and the rest of his family by his side, HE FEELS the road to recovery will be smooth ride.

"We are getting through it, just trying to stay strong for Josh and keep him strong. We tell him everything will be ok, we just have to take it day by day." –Carla Redman

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