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Grant Parish Sheriff Change

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COLFAX, LA. - At the end of the month, sheriff's departments across Cenla will have new faces around the office. In Grant Parish incumbent Stephen McCain is getting ready to take things over from Baxter Welch. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane shows us the accomplishments that have been made during the past four years.

Although Baxter Welch lost his re-election bid he says he is very proud of the progress the Grant Parish sheriff's office made. Stephen McCain says he is ready to do what the residents of grant parish put him in office to do.

Over the past four years Baxter Welch has sat in this seat--in this office, that displays his name as the Grant Parish Sheriff. He says he is happy with the job he did.

"We will leave the department roughly a million dollars more in cash reserves then we had, we've been able to put a car per each line officer, and computers in every car," says Baxter Welch.

But he says a lot of the credit belongs to the men and women he's worked with everyday these last 4 years.

"The accomplishments are there, we've done it. It's a good group of people, a great group of individuals who are committed to the job," says Baxter Welch.

During his four years here, there were a lot of challenges the grant parish sheriff's office had to overcome and a hostage situation back in February of 2011 is still on the mind of Sheriff Welch.

"To open fire in our office, shot up the office as well as took a hostage, one of my officers was taken as a hostage and during the process of responding to that, we were able to subdue him, he was shot, the deputy was shot," says Baxter Welch.

That deputy has yet to return to work and by the time he does, he'll be serving under a new sheriff.

"There needs to be an open door policy at the sheriff's office, if the people want to talk to the sheriff they deserve that access," says Stephen McCain.

Incoming Sheriff Stephen McCain says there is still more room for improvement for when he takes office.

He wants to work on taking more drugs off the streets and making them safer. He says the people who elected him, deserve that.

"I want to thank all of the people of grant parish once again for voting for me and electing me as there sheriff," says Stephen McCain.

As the baton gets passed from one sheriff to the next, it's the challenge to both these men, they say, to always be looking forward.

"We will leave it better than we found it and that's not to take away from those who served before," says Baxter Welch.

As for that deputy who was shot last year, he's out of the hospital, but still isn't able to come back to work yet. We're told he does plan on returning but just not anytime soon.



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