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LC Reacts to Obama Care

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - The ruling the Supreme Court made today has people divided across the nation and at home. One place we did find where people were united is the campus of LC. News Channel Fives Nolan Crane shows us the mandate for abortions is at the heart of the issue.

"I was utterly shocked, not just disappointed but gravely shocked at this decision which brings forward a magnitude of violations for us as a Christian college, our first amendment rights," says Dr. Joe Aguillard.

"You hope for the best but it is not a surprise this is the turnout of events," says Lucas Moncada III.

Louisiana College is less busy during the summer months, but Thursday morning, after the ruling from the Supreme Court, the campus was anything but quiet.

"When I found out this morning I was totally alarmed and disappointed," says Charlotte Merrill.

The college has been watching the events of the health care act closely over the last few months. In February, President Dr. Joe Aguillard filed a law suit against the Obama administration because of the mandate that would make every employer pay for abortions if their employees want one. He said in the suit that was against their beliefs as a college. And he says; now the Supreme Court says they will have to go against those beliefs.

"We are now being told by the government to exchange our religious belief for theirs. Thou shalt murder, is what we have been told and provide abortion to our faculty, employees, as a mandate," says Dr. Joe Aguillard.

Employees and students at LC we spoke with disagree with the courts ruling they say for reasons other than just their faith.

"I don't know anything that the government has been involved in that has been really successful from student loans to the post office to other things. Why do we want government involved in health insurance," asks Dr. Henry Robertson?

"Economic hardship on people, especially the middle class who are going to have to be paying for this and as well as our Christian faith, it's been slowly whittled away over time," says Jenny White.

"We have to take that stand otherwise our mission and our witness and our proclamation is tarnished if we were to fail to stand for what we believe," says Lucas Moncada III.

On this campus, they say they've made it a point to follow the sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill. But Thursday they say there was a death on their campus. They say it was the sound of their rights, being killed.

"We worship at the alter of all mighty god not at the alter of Obama care and we are immovable on that position," says Dr. Joe Aguillard.

Back in April Dr. Aguillard said if Obama care passed he would shut down the campus of LC but today he says he wants to avoid doing that. As for what the next step is? Doctor Henry Robertson, who you just heard from in that story, says whoever wins the election really determines what happens next.




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