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Locals Divided On Health Care

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - The ruling the Supreme Court made Thursday has people divided across the nation and at home. It seems everyone has an opinion on Obama's health care plan and disagreements are even taking place between health care providers and employees. News Channel 5's Nolan Crane reports.

A lot of doctors we spoke with say they don't know enough about Obama's health care plan to know how it will affect them or their patients. But one doctor says based on her knowledge the affordable health care act is a blessing for a lot of people.

St. Frances Cabrini Hospital serves thousands of patients every year and one doctor says because of the Supreme Courts ruling on Obama's health care plan, there will be more help for those who need it.

"Well I think there will be a lot more people allowed to have health insurance the personal mandate will make sure that some people that haven't been buying insurance will need to buy insurance," says Dr. Ulla Ule.

Dr. Ulla Ule says the decision will also affect those who have insurance.

"It does affect us as far as what we are paying to insure other people right now, those of us who are paying for insurance. Those people will have to be responsible," says Dr. Ulla Ule.

But not everyone is happy.

"I was shocked and stunned and disappointed in the supreme court," says Rosemary Gremillion.

Rosemary says she is okay if people go to the hospital, but there are some issues with Obama's health care plan that makes her mad.

"I am opposed to the affordable health care act mainly because of my religious principles I don't believe in abortion and I know that forcing people to buy insurance that they probably won't even want to buy will help to pay to have abortions and abortifacients," says Rosemary Gremillion.

But Dr. Ule likes the fact that insurance companies can't drop patients with pre-existing conditions.

"Sometimes they can't get new insurance if they have a pre-existing condition so this will allow for them to be insured and treated," says Dr. Ulla Ule.

Meanwhile some who oppose the plan say they will make their dissatisfaction known at the polls in November.

"Obama has insured me that I will not vote for him, I wasn't going to vote for him to begin with," says Rosemary Gremillion.

The affordable health care act also known as Obama care will not go into effect until 2014 and the people we spoke with hope more people will research and find out how this law affects others.







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