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Montgomery Still Without Water

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MONTGOMERY, La. -- The heat is on across Central Louisiana. And while many people are staying indoors with the air conditioning on and water in hand, residents in Montgomery in Grant Parish aren't as fortunate.

They've been without water since a major pipe burst Friday afternoon.  

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford went to Montgomery to find out when the pipe will be fixed and the water back on. But, neither she nor residents can get an answer from town leaders.    

"It's ridiculous," said Theresa James, a resident. "It's really ridiculous." 

"I don't know," said Brenda Williams, another resident. "It's not very much longer I tell you. I cannot go without water." 

Theresa James and Brenda Williams are just two of the many hot, thirsty Montgomery residents who could go for a drink of water right about now.

"It's hot," said Williams. "It's over 100 degrees and it's been that way for several days."

But there's one big problem, they can't get any water to drink.

"Well, as of now, we don't have any," said James. "We haven't had any for a couple of days and they don't know exactly when we will have water." 

So, they and others are heading over to Reeves grocery store in town to buy a few gallons.

 Theresa Pippens, another resident, has joined them there to stock up on bottled water.

"Me and my husband went and rented a motel room in Winnfield to get a bath last night," said Pippins.

According to town leaders, a major water pipeline through town has burst. On Saturday, they were still working to fix it. But not telling anyone including, News Channel Five, when the work would be finished.

"Where is the mayor? She hasn't talked," said Teressia Small, another resident. "They could have had the courtesy to let citizens know that we were not going to have water." 

"Won't nobody tell us nothing," said Pippins. "So, they got to be keeping secrets, especially if they don't want y'all out there." 

As of Saturday evening, the national guard intervened to bring in bottles of water for the town. 

But , as of Sunday evening, still no sign of when the water will run or run clear.

We tried to get in contact with the mayor about the problem she has not returned our calls. In addition, we were told by a town worker that the mayor would not be giving a comment.


NOTE: While we were in Montgomery, town officials would not talk to us about the water problems.

There was also a confrontation between town workers and our reporters, Brooke Buford and Nolan Crane, when they tried to get video of the burst pipe on a public road.

When we introduced ourselves to the workers, Anita McCracken, the superintendent of the gas and water system and Elray Dubois, another man on the project, told us to stop shooting video. 

Brooke and Nolan filed police reports about the incident with Elray Dubois. Montgomery Police have charged him with simple battery. We have a court date in August.


**Nolan Crane contributed to this report.

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