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Town Water Turned Back On

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MONTGOMERY, La. -- Water in the Town of Montgomery in Grant Parish is back on. Over the weekend, a major pipe burst leaving the town without water.

Residents told us they weren't getting any answers from town leaders about when the pipe would be fixed. And when we asked questions, we didn't get answers either -- until Monday.  

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford was back in Montgomery, she has the story.

After a long, hot weekend water is back on in Montgomery and now flowing through Tony Stroud's faucet.

On Friday, a major piper burst right in his front yard, leaving the town dry.

"I was leaving to come to town and I saw water in the driveway," said Stroud. "I walked out there and saw water bubbling out of the ground and I came up here and told them."

Mayor Susie Waters is all about the water at town hall Monday. When we stopped by, she told us, her workers had gone out immediately to fix that leak.

"They were down in the hole digging in it," said Mayor Waters. "It was full of water. We turned off the town's water supply because when you deplete your water supply, then you have to put on a boil advisory. So, we were trying to curtail that."

But according to Mayor Waters, while her workers were trying to get things back online, somebody messed up their plans by opening up a fire hydrant draining the entire town of water.

"I understand they want us to tell them something, other than contacting the news, we had no idea actually when the water was going to come back on," said Mayor Waters. "All we did was work as hard as we could to get the water back in Montgomery for the citizens to have."

Mayor Waters says she and workers worked through the night to get the water back on.

"Small systems and older systems are going to have water problems," she said. "This is going to happen from time to time."

And, according to her, they were good to go by Saturday night. Although, Stroud told us his was back on Sunday.

But even though it's back now, he says, he won't be drinking it for a while.

Town leaders tell us they're waiting on results of a DHH water test before they can left the boil advisory.

Mayor Waters says town worked will be watching the pipe closely over the next few days to make sure it doesn't spring a leak.

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