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Stinky Problem on Henry St.

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RAPIDES PARISH, La. -- There's a situation on Henry Street that doesn't quite smell right.  But now, a sewer problem there could be on the way to getting solved.

On Monday, the Rapides Parish Police Jury selected a contractor to re-do the sewer system on the street.

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford talked to residents who say the project is way overdue.

"It's the smell," said Vanessa Vaughan, a resident. "It's really, really bad."

Vanessa Vaughan and her daughter say the problem that sits in their front yard, stinks.

"It's just a foul smell. It's sewage. You know it when you smell it."

Residents say the sewer system is in need of repair. Standing, smelly water in drainage ditches on the street has left neighbors frustrated.

"I've got water. I've got grass," said Jason Barfield, another resident. "The sewage is starting to get bad around here. Right now, what you see in there - high grass, mosquitoes."

"I'll come down here. Like I'll be mowing, they're bad," said Freddie Jackson, a local maintenance man. "And, if it's bad it can't get no badder."

But, some relief may soon be on the way. Monday night, the Rapides Parish Police Jury chose the lowest bid from a contractor - $650 thousand, that could soon help clear the air...and the ditches for these residents.

"They need to do something out here," said Barfield. "They need to do something."

Residents say old, ineffective sewage pipes backing up in this neighborhood, have been a problem for years. They say while some maintainence has been done, like occasional cleaning out of clogged pipes, it's time for a complete fix.

And for Vanessa Vaughan, that can't come soon enough.

"It needs to be upgraded," she said. "It's old. It's been there for awhile. They just need to fix it."

The next step is to have the bid approved by the police jury. If that happens, work would get underway to fix the problem.

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