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State Honors Parole Staff

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BATON ROUGE, La. - The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Secretary James M. Le Blanc honored 800 probation and parole staff members in recognition of Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week during July 15-21.

Le Blanc said these professionals work tirelessly in communities across Louisiana to make our state safer and more productive.

There are more than 70,000 individuals in communities that are under probation or parole supervision with the departments.  These departmental officers must balance the mission of protecting the public with the desire to effect positive change in individuals who are capable of that change.

Officers and support staff provide core services such as investigations, warrant round-ups with law enforcement, victim advocacy, immediate response to violations and referrals for treatment and other services.  He said many go above and beyond to protect and serve.

Le Blanc said one example of this was recently when two Alexandria District probation and parole officers left late from a long day at work. They noticed a car swerving erratically in the roadway, running up on curbs and narrowly avoiding several crashes.  


The officers followed the female driver while contacting police.  After pulling her over and waiting for police to arrive, the officers observed slurred speech and other signs of impairment.  


The motorist was arrested for reckless driving and DWI and police said that the officers saved her and others from a serious accident.


The Monroe District has maintained a food bank at its office since 1998, although services have expanded over the years to help those individuals under supervision with more than just food.

Earlier this year, Le Blanc said a probation and parole client needed a bus ticket from Monroe to Baton Rouge to meet his family. The food bank donated $28 to purchase the ticket and the man agreed to reimburse the fund whenever he was able. Just over a month later, the food bank received a money order for $28 with a note of thanks for giving his "family peace of mind."

The food bank also gave $25 to an individual on supervision to obtain a pre-employment drug screen. The probation and parole client got the job and on a follow-up visit to the Monroe District office, he reached in his pocket and gave the office $25 as appreciation for the help.

Through the assistance of the Monroe District Food Bank, individuals are learning the value of helping others and not just being helped.


There are numerous officers assigned to help with investigations on the national, state and local levels, including those officers assigned to the U.S. Marshals Task Force across the state providing intelligence and surveillance.  


Two probation and parole agents in the Shreveport District are especially adept at tracking down fugitives, and have been recognized by the Department and U.S. Marshals for their work.


"It is important that the public understands the broad scope of work accomplished by Probation and Parole and how vital it is to the Department and to public safety," Le Blanc said.  "Officers, district leadership and support staff are constantly working to minimize criminal behavior and activity, reduce victimization of individuals and communities and assist those individuals who want to make a change."

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