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Impassable Road

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OTIS, La. - When it rains it pours, and if you live on a dirt road, the street can be like quick sand where vehicles get stuck. That's the story along a road in Otis. We're told the road is regularly grated, but that just fixes the problem until the next time it rains. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane reports.

"I am on a mission this morning to find my mail," says Iris Andries.

Iris Andries lives on Cuts Road in Otis, and she says whenever it rains, it's always bad news.

"I'm not sure where my mail is at, I'm not sure what is going on but I sure would like to know," says Iris Andries.

This one-mile stretch of dirt road becomes impassable when wet weather hits. So residents can't get out, and their mail can't get in. So Monday morning, Iris leaves her car at her house, and along with her neighbors, tries to find another way, to find out what's happening in their world.

"The mail lady can't pass, we haven't had a newspaper in over a week, the news carrier can't get down the road, it's just totally aggravating," says Pam Vidrine.

Pam's problems go beyond the concern of just where her newspaper is. Her father just had open-heart surgery, and she says she worries about the need to get to the hospital quickly in case of an emergency.

"I have a small car, I can't get him in and out and I often wonder what we would do if he goes into heart failure," says Pam Vidrine.

"I've been living in this house since October 1956 and this road is worse now then it's ever been since I've been here," says Hudy Vidrine.

They say the problem is getting worse over the years. The Rapides Parish Police Jury says they're sympathetic. They told us they're aware of these problems and have a plan to fix the roads. But it will take a little time. This mud has to dry before they can lay asphalt.

"They're trying but the planning stage is where the error was," says Harvey Mitchell.

Residents say they hope this problem will be fixed soon, before the weather turns wet again.

"It's so tore up now that even when it's not raining, it's so messed up that it's going to take some serious doing," says Iris Andries.

So for now, iris will wait for her mail and cross her fingers the rain waits for this road to dry up, so it can be fixed permanently.

The Rapides Parish Police Jury does maintenance on the road and they told us that they have voted to repair the road and will lay asphalt to fix the situation once the mud dries up.


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