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Warrior Medics

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Most people refer to them as doctors, nurses, or life-savers...but at Fort Polk's 115th Combat Support Hospital, they are known as the "Warrior Medics." News Channel 5's Natalie North has more on these healthcare heroes.


Captain Debra Young is the officer in charge of the EMT of Fort Polk's 115th combat support hospital. She returned from serving at the support hospital in Afghanistan this past November, where she worked in the battlefield as an RN.


"You act fast, know your job, and are able to move and change, and be able to provide the patients the care we need."-Debora Young


But now Debora and the rest of the support hospital staff are back in the states, at Fort Polk. And while they may be out of the battlefield, they continue to train together for the next mission. since the operations were up and running on post, the medical staff decided to open up the hospital to demonstrate the importance of what they do here at home and overseas.


 "We can take care of soldiers no matter where they are at, and that's a huge difference. This whole organization and pick up and can go and respond to any place in the world, and it's awesome."-Col. Kevin Stevens, Commander


Both Col. Stevens and Debora agree that the combat hospital plays a vital role in helping our troops - as did Debora's daughter. 17 year old Hannah young says that getting a glimpse into her mom's job is not only cool, but inspiring too.


"It makes me want to do what she does, I also want to be a nurse and go to college for the same thing, because I am proud of her. It's really cool to see what she does, changes lives and it changes people and helps people, it's a wonderful thing."-Hannah Young


Saving lives and helping others-it's a commitment and dedication from members of the 115th Combat Support Hospital's "Warrior Medics."


"Our soldiers will do whatever they need to do in the field and know that if something happens to them, we will be there and be able to save their lives. I think that gives them a little bit of confidence to go help that guy and complete their missions."-Debora Young


In Fort Polk, Natalie North News Channel 5 your local station in high definition.


Due to the efforts of the "warrior medics" and many other medical personnel, survival rates on the battlefield are at an all time high in the history of warfare.


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