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Bringhurst Field in Need of Repair

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ALEXANDRIA, La. -- The crack of the bat...the fans in the stands. Bringhurst Field is home to the Aces and is an Alexandria institution.

But, as News Channel Five's Brooke Buford found out, it needs some work.

She talked to players and fans about why this city landmark needs an overhaul.

It's an American favorite.

"Baseball is America's game," said Lenora Berlin, a longtime fan. "This is our town's game. We need to support baseball."

It's also part of Alexandria history.

"This is Bringhurst," said John Johnson, another fan. "This is Alexandria. This is the heart of our city right here."

Lenora Berlin and John Johnson have been sitting in the front row at the Aces game at Bringhurst  since they were both kids.

"I love to come to watch the game," said Johnson. "I love the game."

But their favorite stadium, home to their favorite team, needs a lot of work.

After decades of use, the wooden bleachers at the top of Bringhurst have been blocked off with barricades, out of fear that too many fans up top could cause the old seats to buckle.

And, other parts of the park, players say also need to be touched up.

"Well, I think the city probably needs to come and give us a new wall," said Jami Rachal, a player. "Maybe redo the stands. And, a little bit more work on the infield and stuff."

There's also concern about the remaining home games for the Aces and having enough remaining seats for all the fans.

"I don't know what this is going to do," said Eric Moran, manager of the team. "We have some big nights coming up. We have a free night coming up. I think that's going to put some limitations on what's going on here."

The city has taken notice. In the next few weeks, the field will be closed so city officials can evaluate what needs repair.

"The two ballparks essential to our community are Bringhurst and Cheatum," said City Councilman Roosevelt Johnson. "I would like to see both ballparks brought up to standards to make sure we have the best for our city, the best for this region, the best for what we need to do to make sure that we continue to provide these programs for our community and athletics for the City of Alexandria."

The city tells us, there's no "ballpark figure" on how much money those repairs could run yet, but everyone seems to agree that work needs to be done.

"It's a lot of history in this field," said Rachael. "When the Aces were here in the independent league, they played a lot. We had a lot of fans here, they'd come out and support. That's when the field was real nice. They need to get back to it."

It seems this year, the Aces are left to finish out this season with fewer fans in the stands. Not by choice, but for the safety of everyone.

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