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School Vaccines

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - Getting ready for school means more than just buying new clothes and supplies, for some kids a new year means getting more shots. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane shows us why today was a good day, to go ahead and get it out of the way.

15-year-old William Gruehl is getting ready to become a freshman at ash--and to do that, he's got to get his shots and update his immunization record.

"I had to get them for school you know going back. Had to make sure I don't have anything wrong," says William Gruehl.

William is like many other students, who came to the Rapides Parish Health Unit during Tuesday's vaccination blitz, to take advantage of a quick and easy way to get this done.

"I'm been really pleased with the flow today. I think we have had more than I really expected especially with the weather, we had a nice show up early this morning and it's been really consistent throughout the day. so it's been good," says Charlotte Amphion.

It was quick and easy for William.

"Today I got three shots, they didn't hurt to bad," says William Gruehl.

But it wasn't necessarily quick and painless for everybody.

4-year-old Silas is getting ready for pre-k, and while he's excited for school, he wasn't too excited to get the four shots he has to have to get into the classroom.

"Kids entering into pre-k or kindergarten, usually those are our four year olds have to have MMR, DTAP, polio and chicken pox vaccine," says Charlotte Amphion.

"The third and fourth shots that he got were the MMR and I want to say it was probably the chicken pox shot too and they tend to burn, there kind of heavy and they hurt going in," says Kelly Kingrey-Edwards.

The good news for parents is, they aren't too painful on the wallet.

"It's based on your income with the most being ten dollars whether your getting one shot or four or five shots," says Charlotte Amphion.

William is happy to get it over with.

"A lot of kids don't like shots, they don't bother me at all, they don't hurt," says William Gruehl.

Despite it all, Silas got a sweet deal in the end and the excitement of the beginning of school, is now back on his mind.

If you missed Tuesday's blitz and still need to get your child vaccinated you can call and make an appointment with your local health department. Most kids entering pre-k and kindergarten need 4 shots: tetanus, MMR, polio, and meningitis. For students 11-years-old and older need updated vaccines for tetanus, chicken pox and meningitis shots.

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