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Police Believe Body Could Be Shunick's

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EVANGELINE PARISH, La. -- Police say they believe a body found in Evangeline Parish could be Mickey Shunick. News Channel Five's Brooke Buford went to the scene Tuesday afternoon and spoke with police working at the crime scene at that cemetery.

Lafayette police and a task force charged with finding Mickey Shunick, were called to a remote spot off Highway 10, near Vidrine.

From the road, you might never know there was a cemetery hidden back behind the trees, but if you look at it from the air, you can see a small plot, with several graves.

It was just past this cemetery, where police say they found a body.

"We came out to this location where the information was provided that there was a body buried in this particular location in Evangeline Parish," said Cpl. Paul Mouton with Lafayette Police. "As a result of us coming out here, we were able to confirm and validate the information that was provided from that credible source and we did locate a body."

Police will not officially confirm the body is Shunick's, because they want to run tests to be positive.

"We're currently in the process of processing the scene and removing evidence and the body," said Cpl. Mouton. "We believe strongly based off the information that we received that this is Mickey Shunick."

But they say all signs point to the missing student, and they tell us, they have notified her family.

Even before this Tuesday afternoon's discovery, Shunick's killer had already been named.

Former Fort Polk soldier, Brandon Lavergne, is charged with first degree murder. Both for the death of Shunick, and for the death of Lisa Pate.

Pate's body was found in 1999 in an area near Church Point. And it can't be overlooked, that the discovery of this body found Tuesday, was just 30 miles from the one found more than a decade ago.

Police say case is far from over. With the body's discovery, an entire new set of questions remain unanswered.

"The body is going to offer a lot of evidence to investigators, as well as the area surrounding it," said Cpl. Mouton. "So, we're going to examine that evidence and look at it very closely and work with our district attorney's office in proceeding with this case."

We have not learned who that cemetery land belongs to. Police are just saying it's a "private cemetery."

Meanwhile, police say the tests on this body to determine with certainty that it is Shunick's, could take weeks to complete.

**Joy Howe and Bryant Ferguson contributed to this report.**

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