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Grant Parish Begins New School Year

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The hallways are full again at Grant High School. After a nice summer break, students are gearing up for a new year.

Principal Randy Crawford says that they have started the year with nearly 670 students.  When it comes to new state assessment programs, he says that Grant High is ahead of the game.

"We're working extremely hard, and we anticipate to improve. We're proud of where we are academically, but expect to improve and continue to improve."

The teachers are not wasting any time. Jessica Anthony's class goes over the syllabus with her upperclassmen.

"I teach Biology I Honors, Anatomy, Physiology, Forensics, AP Biology."

SD: "You've got a full deck!"

"They're usually ready to come back, and trying to get through with High School, because they think they want to go to the work force. They're ready to work and make money."

If there's one group of students who will make this year count, it's the seniors. Camryn Coutee has a lot of decisions to make...

"I've got college classes, so it's going to be hard, but it will work out."

SD: "Have you started applying for college?"

"Not yet, we're still looking. I don't which college that I'm going to yet, but I've got a couple in mind."

...but she's keeping it calm and striving to be a success for yet another year.

"We have a lot of school spirit this year, so hopefully it will turn out great!"

The students had a half day in Grant Parish schools. The freshman class at Grant Parish were required to attend orientation at the school this week.


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