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Deville Damaged: Storms in Cenla

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DEVILLE, La. - The sounds of a Cenla storm may have woken you up early this morning, but the residents of Deville had even more to deal with at dawn.

News Channel Five's Kathleen Witte was in Deville today, and shows us how badly some parts of town were damaged.

Every morning, Ken Deville opens his Deville restaurant, Deville Dairy Corner.

But it isn't every morning this Devillian has to open up to this.

Ken Deville: "Tore my crawfish building down, tore the roof off, threw it over the top of the main building and knocked out two or three windows."

A severe thunderstorm hit Deville around 4 a.m. Friday, and now both the town of Deville, and Ken Deville, are left to sort the mess.

Ken: "I don't know, there's a lot of damage around here."

But the Dairy Corner got some of the worst of it--shattered windows and a destroyed crawfish shack.

Deville's mother, Nell, had a busy day too.

Nell Deville: "Then I heard a real loud noise and the whole house shook. And I guess that's when that limb fell."

Nell says a large tree in front of her house was struck by lightning and branches fell, hitting her carport on their way down.

Nell: "I couldn't believe it."

But she says she's used to surprise storms like this one.

Nell: "Part of Louisiana weather."

And Nell Deville says she's fortunate that her town is there to help.

Nell: "That's just what happens. Something happens and everyone collects around."

Ken Deville knows that his community is behind him, too.

Ken: "They're real supportive. And I have them call, say hey look, you get ready to build this thing back, we've got four or five people we've already talked to, we're going to help you build it."

Now, a man named Deville is back open in Deville to serve a community that he lives in, and one he loves.

Weather reports show that winds in that area hit up to 80 miles per hour. No injuries were reported from the stormy weather.

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