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Powerball Fever

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - Powerball fever is setting in as the jackpot for Wednesday night's drawing has climbed to more than 300 million dollars.

News Channel 5's Kathleen Witte spoke with some potential winners to find out why they're taking the chance.

Cesar Arozco has had a busy day working at Super Sam's.

Arozco: "We've been selling a lot of them. Someone came in and bought 60 dollars worth."

These hot items are Louisiana Powerball tickets. Arozco says once you catch the bug, it's hard to stop buying in.

Arozco: "They seem to keep buying them for some reason. They think they have that chance that they will win."

Cenla residents aren't giving up hope.

Whitney Fuller: "It's not very much money for a chance to win all that money."

Eric Chance: "I've just got that lucky feeling."

Jazma McQuaren: "Because I had a dream last night and I just know I'm going to win this."

With the jackpot at more than 300 million dollars, the gamblers are dreaming big.

Fuller: "A big house. At least five or six bedrooms. I've got four girls."

Chance: "Fix my family up where none of us would have to work again."

McQuaren: "I'd buy about ten cars, buy me a house, and get me a charity."

But the money could buy you even more than that…

With the Powerball winnings you could buy more than 3000 of these BMW 7-series, the most expensive car on the lot.

Or you could buy more than 4000 of these boats.

Or you could even buy 250 new houses in the Lake District.

So Cesar Arozco just keeps selling tickets.

Arozco: "I tell them good luck. Tell them buy more so their odds are better."

He says he's rooting for his customers to win, too. Because they say they'll remember him when they strike it rich.

Arozco: "One thing they do tell me is oh, I'll remember you, come back and give you some of it or I'll take you wherever I'm going, stuff like that."

Time is running out, so get your tickets for the 320 million dollar pot and find out if you're the lucky winner by joining us Wednesday on News Channel 5's nightside at 10 for the drawing.

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