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Protect and Serve…and Stay Safe

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - News Channel Five's Nolan Crane spent the day riding along with Alexandria City Marshals, observing how they keep themselves safe, while working to keep us safe.

Ryan Moore is living his dream as a deputy marshal in Alexandria where he spends most of his time on the street working in law enforcement. His job is to search for some of the 14,0000 people in Rapides Parish who have warrants.

"We go to their homes, jobs, patrol there area looking for these people for their warrants for city court," says Ryan Moore.

Deputy Moore knows working in law enforcement has its risk, and regardless of where he works he says officers everywhere are a part of his family because of the goals and the dangers they all share.

"It's a brotherhood, we all do the same job, we all wear the same gun and badge. We're out here doing the same thing, just protecting the life of others," says Ryan Moore.

Which is why the recent murders in Louisiana and Texas have the city marshals upset.

"One of the worse feelings I think I have ever experienced in my life was actually going to a police officers funeral. We are a brotherhood," says Terence Grines.

Now Alexandria City Marshal Terence Grines and his deputies are thinking about their families a lot more while they are at work and making sure to use all safety precautions.

"Wear your bullet proof vest everyday," says Ryan Moore.

"Even if its 105 degrees outside I mean it's worth the discomfort to know that when you go home after your work day is over with that you can go home and see your family and see your friends. Take every measure possible to just make sure that your there for them," says Terence Grines.

They say it's a reminder to not take the little things, like a phone call from mom, for granted.

"Oh she calls throughout the day and some times I look at it as being oh my god like she always calls but at the same time she calls because she is worried, she calls because she wants to hear my voice just to make sure everything is okay," says Ryan Moore.

It's been a difficult week for law enforcement everywhere, but these deputies say it's also a good reminder that they're more just officers.

"My wife, three kids, and two grand children and at the end of the day you want to make sure you go home and see them," says Terence Grines.

The city marshals that we spoke with tell us that safety is at the heart of their training while at the academy and Ryan Moore says he also does jujitsu to hone his skills.

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