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School Faces ‘False Address’ Problem

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - Wally Fall says he's proud to be the principal of Scott M. Brame Middle School.

Principal Fall: "We're a good school. That's why we've adopted the motto "The Place to Be," and that's a as a teacher and a student."

But he says that doesn't mean they don't have their fair share of problems. And he says one of those problems is that he has parents making false claims about where they live in order to get their kids into Brame's school zone.

Principal Fall: "And we're having a hard time validating if they're actually living at the address they say they're living at. And therein lies the problem."

Principal Fall says he has had record enrollment numbers this year, almost one thousand students so far, but it could be an illegal strain on the school's resources.

Principal Fall: "We're taking care of all the kids in our zone and the kids in somebody else's zone."

Teachers at Brame say their classes are getting hard to manage.

Timonee McDonald, teacher at Brame: "It's also about the student to teacher ratio. Who might we miss, and who will we get to today?"

And it's not just the teaching. Sometimes students don't have anywhere to sit.

McDonald: "I really don't even have enough chairs to hold them all."

Principal Fall says he's ready to take action against those who might be falsifying their residence information. So, he's about to go door-to-door to make sure the student actually lives at their listed address.

Principal Fall: "I go knock on the door and I better see them. And if they're not there, I'll drop them out of the computer."

Principal Fall says he doesn't want to do this to be "the bad guy." But he says he wants to make sure that his students keep getting the level of education they deserve--and keep Brame what he calls "the best school in Cenla."

Principal Fall: "I care about kids. I really do. Like I said on morning announcements, I love all y'all. Don't want to be anywhere else. Want to be right here."

This weekend, Principal Fall says he and Assistant Superintendent Eddie May Washington plan to verify the addresses of several registered students.

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