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Residential Sewer Pipes Fixed

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LEESVILLE, La. - Residents in one Leesville neighborhood now have better smelling yards and cleaner homes after the city fixed a major sewer problem. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane shows us why the project came in almost 25-thousand dollars over budget.

Tamara McManus has lived on Allison Street for two and a half years, and she is just one of many residents who used to have sewer problems in their yard. She hopes these photos will be something of the past, thanks to these construction workers.

"Now that they are working on it, I'm just happy and glad that it's almost come to an end," says Tamara McManus.

She hopes the stinky problem is permanently fixed, but she says she will wait for it to rain before she knows for sure.

"We need a hard rain for a long period of time to really see how the lines going to handle it and what the man whole is going to do, what our lines going to do so you really don't know, I'm just hoping and wishing the best," says Tamara McManus.

Laying new sewer pipes came as an inconvenience and sacrifice for some home owners.

"They cut down four of my trees, they cut down my fence completely, I was a little bit upset about that but we did put a temporary fence up for my dog so that was a good thing," says Wendy Mawae.

But Wendy says the situation could have been worse.

"At first they told me my shed was going to have to be moved forward and then came back and said it was fine and that it wouldn't have to move," says Wendy Mawae.

Leesville's Mayor Robert Rose says not everything went perfectly, like the estimated time and cost to finish the project, but he is grateful for the home owners who were patient during this construction project.

"It's just been a collaborative effort. it's going to be a little bit painful and awkward but the end result is that everybody has a sewer system that works, it's up to code," says Robert Rose.

Which is all these home owners want.

"If it benefits everyone in the neighborhood in the long run then it's definitely a good thing," says Wendy Mawae.

Mayor Robert Rose says next week the construction project will be complete and all of the fences that were taken down will be put back in their place. He says he will have a meeting with the construction crews before they start re-doing the next neighborhoods sewers to make sure they stay within the budget.

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