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Boyce Police Replaced

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BOYCE, La. - The town of Boyce now has new officers patrolling their streets, after the police chief and the mayor decided to fire their five officers and turn the department over to RPSO. News Channel Five's Nolan Crane shows us why the change was made and what residents think about it.

Daniel Meginley has lived in Boyce for more than 25 years and he says he is happy with the mayor's decision to revamp the Boyce Police Department.

"They treated this town like it was a podunk town, and they were just getting their time in and they were having more fun then they were doing their job," says Daniel Meginley.

There were five officers working in the town, but now they are gone, and things have been turned over to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office.

"The citizens of Boyce are getting the same coverage, the same amount of law enforcement that they had before," says Major Mark Wood.

Major Mark Wood says the mayor turned to RPSO because of the deputy's experience and their extensive training. It's those things that factored into the mayor's decision to turn things over to the sheriff's office.

"The comments that I have from citizens, they seem to be well satisfied with it," says Mayor Jack Dewitt.

Boyce Mayor Jack Dewitt says he thinks the move isn't just helpful to his citizens, it's also cost-effective.

"We only paid our officers around less than $10 and hour which is hard to get anybody post certified. The sheriff's office were paying $20 an hour, but on the other hand your not paying any fringe benefits, retirement, insurance and all that stuff. So, it comes out pretty close except for this way we have 100 percent post certified officers to patrol the town of Boyce," says Mayor Jack Dewitt.

Daniel says he already recognizes a difference around town.

"As far as feeling safer with RPSO being here, a lot better," says Daniel Meginley.

"You're safe, you're going to get the best coverage from the sheriff's office that we can provide for you," says Major Mark Wood.

"I'm looking forward to a long and lasting working relationship," says Mayor Jack Dewitt.

Mayor Dewitt says the transition to RPSO has been a month-long process in the making and he hopes the sheriff's department with their highly trained officers can help clean up his city.

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