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Pros and Cons of Re-paving

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - We usually consider road reconstruction a good thing, but residents of one street say they're having more problems with the re-paving than the old pothole problems.

Some residents who are fed up with the mess--and the drivers speeding way beyond the 25 mph limit. But some of their complaints can't be resolved, due to city codes and regulations.

Debra Coleman, for one, is sick of the dirt.

Coleman, Enterprise Rd resident: "The cars are dirty. The kids are dirty. There's dust in our eyes."

That's because Enterprise Road, where she lives, has been a dirt road for the last two weeks. That's when the asphalt was ripped up so the road could be re-paved.

Coleman says she's happy to get a new road, free of potholes and ditches...

Coleman: "I'm relieved. This road has been like this for so many years."

But she's concerned the new, smooth asphalt will allow speeding cars to be even more dangerous.

Coleman: "I'm so worried. When the road is fixed, they're going to really fly."

Coleman says there's another problem, too. There are sidewalks, but only on the opposite side of the street from her house. And she says she doesn't want her kids crossing with the hazard of speeding drivers.

Coleman: "The kids come out and play. They love to come out to play. And you can't stop kids from coming outside and playing."

So she says there's a solution: speed bumps on Enterprise Road, and if possible, a sidewalk on her side of the street.

Coleman: "If we had speed bumps, I would be a proud mother forever, because I know my kids would be safe every morning."

But for now, Coleman says she'll be trying to keep her kids safe herself.

Coleman: "Every day, every evening and every morning, we're out here until our kids get on the bus."

The re-paving of Enterprise Road started Thursday and will finish up Friday

An official in the city engineering office says that a sidewalk on both sides of Enterprise Road would violate certain city codes, and speed bumps aren't a possibility due to a city council moratorium.

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