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Breached Dam in Pineville

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PINEVILLE, LA.- As Isaac continued to push out of the area, the storm brought one more round of rains to CenLa and for residents of one Pineville neighborhood, that means dealing with a problem that they still haven't gotten used to. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton reports.

Connie Webb has lived on Gary K Street for 23 years. The majority of her time here in this Pineville neighborhood has been good, but the last three years a problem keeps coming up.

"There's so much water running at one time that you know, it backs up and it still almost floods the houses," says resident Connie Webb.

Residents say it all started when the Ochos Rios neighborhood was built nearby three years ago and a man-made retention pond was built between the new neighborhood and Gary K Street.

An earthen dam initially held back all of the water in the pond, but over the past few years, residents say the dirt has worn away. And now...a small river runs through it....bringing a flood of water to residents on Gary K drive when there's a heavy on Friday morning.

"This was my first time seeing it coming like this, this bad. You know, it's real bad," says resident Kenneth Dunlap.

Many of the residents on the street escape flooding this time around...but not Kelly Cave who woke up to ankle deep water running through her home this morning.

"It sounded like something was dripping and I got out of the bed and what I do, walk into nothing but water," says Cave.

Residents say they've tried to alleviate the problem by putting sandbags around their homes and asking the city of Pineville to re-dig some of the overgrown drainage ditches in their yards...but it's still not enough.

"That was the purpose of them digging it out again so that the water would run on down here but there's so much water running at one time that you know, it backs up and it still almost floods the houses," says Webb.

For now residents say all they can do is help each other out in preparing for storms like Isaac...and hope that whoever is responsible for the pond steps up and solves the problem.

"Whoever's responsible for that subdivision with maybe the help of the city needs to check on their drainage and find out why their run-off water is coming into our subdivision because it really is adding to the amount that we get," adds Webb.

We contacted the city of Pineville today and they said the responsibility to take care of the retention pond's flooding issues falls on the developers of the Ochos Rios subdivision. We also tried contacting them today and so far we haven't heard back from them.

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