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West Nile After Isaac

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and thanks to Isaac, central Louisiana now has a lot more areas to avoid in order to stay away from the vicious bugs. News Channel 5's Nolan Crane show us why some doctors say the outbreak of West Nile virus isn't over.

Gary Robinson has a new reason to be concerned with the standing water near his apartment in Alexandria.

"My daughters fiancée's 13-year-old sister who lives up in bossier, she came down with what they believe is a new strain of West Nile virus," says Gary Robinson.

Isaac left behind puddles and ponds full of murky water, the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Gary's soon to be relative is just one of many who have been infected this year with the West Nile virus because of the pests. DHH says this is the worst outbreak of that virus in 8 years.

"Nationally about 1,600 cases of West Nile and 65 deaths, in Louisiana we've had 145 cases and 9 and we've had 9 deaths," says Dr. Holcombe

Doctor David Holcombe wants to remind people that just because you might get bitten, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be infected.

"You have to get the right mosquito that has been infected to actually be injected with the West Nile virus," says Dr. Holcombe.

For some people the mosquito bites can cause major problems and pain which is one indicator of possibly having the West Nile virus. Gary says his relative say the warning signs.

"She first went to the ER with headaches, nausea; they thought she just had a stomach virus. they gave her medicine, sent her home and then she ended up seizuring, so they took her back in, they thought she had viral meningitis but after doing more test and stuff they think she has a new strain of the West Nile virus," says Gary Robinson.

There is a now a health concern here in Cenla and across the state, since Isaac dumped rain on many parts of Louisiana, and now, that is sitting...waiting for these pests to do their breeding. So the answer?

"Around your house you need to eliminate areas where mosquitoes can breed, so any kind of standing water," says Dr. Holcombe.

Get rid of the water, or simply protect yourself from the bites. Gary says, it's worth taking the time to do both.

"If you see something that needs to be done you know, do it yourself don't wait for someone else to do it you know start raising your voice you know contacting people," says Gary Robinson.

If you want to see other statistics and ways to stay safe, you can visit http://www.cdc.gov/features/StopMosquitoes/

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