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Football Season Begins

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - The first regular game of the NFL season kicks off this week on NBC.

News Channel 5's Kathleen Witte went out to see what the community is doing to prepare for the glorious season known as football season.

Dondericke Prier is on a mission--a mission he's excited about.

Dondericke Prier, football fans: "Well today I'm out here shopping for some stuff for my little boy's ninth birthday party. Trying to do something for him since he loves the Saints."

The NFL season kicks off Wednesday night, and college football has already begun. That means the fans are out in a frenzy to buy their supplies for tailgating season.

Prier: "I figure, might as well do it right now because I know we got another winning season."

Prier says he's glad the local stores stay stocked up for football season.

Prier: "Because you never know what you want. There's always something new."

Stores like All About Parties have what the fans need, but owners say, the fans bring what the stores need too--big business.

Mike Peirson, owner, All About Parties: "They're starting to buy. We've had a lot of people asking, where's your LSU stuff, where's your Saints stuff."

Peirson says they look forward to football season sales…

Peirson: "It's a good season for us. Especially with having popular local teams like Saints and LSU."

And the games as well--because these guys love their teams too, for several different reasons.

Peirson: "The better they do, the better we do, so we're always rooting for them."

And prier says he's happy to support his local businesses....

Prier: "Whatever I can get that's Saints, I'm going to get."

And, it goes without saying, support his teams too.

Prier: "That's our pride and joy. That's us, you know. Between the Saints and LSU, you can't go wrong."

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