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Middle Schoolers Remember 9/11

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ALEXANDRIA, La - Students all across the country are learning about September 11.

Here in Central Louisiana at Alexandria Middle Magnet, Tuesday lessons were focused on the national tragedy.

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford stopped by one classroom to talk to kids there about the life changing event.

While the students in Ms. Stokes' class were only toddlers when 9/11 happened, they say they certainly understand the importance of this moment in history.

"Every year that I hear about it, it's like I like to hear more about it," said Darrious Humphrey. 

7th graders, Darrious Humphrey and Krissie Hall, were 2-years-old when the towers were hit. Most of what they've learned about the tragedy has been taught to them in textbooks.

"People had suffered bad and stuff," said Humphrey. "The terrorists did a lot of bad things to our American people. I really feel sad for them how they suffered and died."

"I feel sad for the people that died," said Hall. "I don't want to be in that situation."

Part of the challenge, their teacher says, is getting them to grasp the significance of the attack - especially when they can't remember it.

"I think of it like Pearl Harbor," said Deborah Vailes-Stokes, their teacher. "I can't feel Pearl Harbor. I wish I could, but I can't. But, I can feel 9/11. And, because I feel it, I want these kids to feel it. I can try my best to bring it to them."

Ms. Stokes' made a timeline of the sequence of events and showed the students newspaper clippings to help them understand it better.

"They're all ears," said Vailes-Stokes. "They're very attentive. That tells me for the junior high kids to be so attentive that they're listening."

Eleven years later, this is one moment that's still fresh in everyone's minds no matter what age they were when it happened.

"I feel good to be alive and that I wasn't in that situation," said Humphrey. "Who knows? I could have been in that situation and died and suffered. I'm glad I'm alive today."

Tuesday's homework assignment for the class is to interview a family member who remembers 9/11 to hear their story about where they were when they heard it happened. Ms. Stokes hopes the lesson will help the students understand the tragedy even more.

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