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Local Reactions to Libya

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - Word of the deadly Libya killings sent shockwave's through the Muslim community. News Channel Fives Nolan Crane has reaction from here in Central Louisiana.

Farah and Dunya Benghozi's parents were born in Libya and these two LSUA students were sad to hear about an attack that killed American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

"I was in shock, I one hundred percent do not condone the actions that they took over there," says Farah Benghozi.

This is going to be considered by the vast majority of people all over the world, including the Islamic world as just illegitimate. It's not appropriate at all in any sense of the word.

"Islam is a religion of peace and respect and love," says Abdel Mohammed.

"It is 100 percent sin, to kill somebody, we don't condone it, no religion does, are religion doesn't and again that's where Islam, peace means," says Farah Benghozi.

But knowing that the attacks came on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 is very unsettling to many.

"Since it did happen on 9/11 there looking at Islam and Muslims in a different way, even more than they did eleven years ago," says Farah Benghozi.

Now the hope is that the resentment won't continue to spread elsewhere.

"I'm just hoping that it does not spread out through Jordan and different countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia and this and that because that would cause a big conflict and be a big mess all over," says Abdel Mohammed.

These sisters say despite the deadly attack, Libya still needs Americas help.

"Everything is like so out of shape and the buildings were still like destroyed, nothing was picked up. The people want to change but nobody is doing anything and you know we need help," says Dunya Benghozi.

"We need America to help Libya get a democracy and hopefully other countries don't do what happened last night," says Farah Benghozi.

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